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vydoxWhat could go wrong? With the PGA Tour winner Brian Gay endorsing Vydox with the bold statement “Vydox™ is the most powerful male supplement available.  I love it because it works” plastered on the front page of the official site then it’s got to work…..right?

The site itself even states that it’s “The World’s #1 Male Enhancement Solution” (don’t they all make that claim?)

But a little digging through the deeper pages on Google reveals that there are some quite unhappy and out of pocket customers with some bad reactions too.

So, let’s pull back the curtain and put Vydox under the spotlight and see what it’s really about and what appears to have gone wrong.


Vydox Claims


First of all, let’s take a look at what Vydox is actually claiming and what benefits you are buying into with this product whose tag line is “the orange pill” which is obviously a twist on Viagra being known as the blue pill.

Initially it all looks good. There’s two celebrities endorsing the product; Brian Gay and Mark Calcavecchia. Both are sportsmen so that would automatically give any man some faith in the product – I know it would for me.

The main claims are that Vydox could help give you:

  • Firmer, Harder and Longer Erections
  • Substantial Increase In Stamina
  • Intense Orgasms
  • No More Pre-Mature Ejaculations

As always, the proof is in the ingredients so let’s take a look at that now.



Vydox Ingredients


Well, searching for the amounts of each ingredients was impossible on the official site although the ingredients themselves have been listed.

I did manage to find a Vydox ingredients label so I can get the amounts of each so as to establish if the product is strong enough, especially as one of the claims states that Vydox is twice as strong as the previous best seller.

The main site begins by stating that the ingredients are a “proprietary formulation” which is a fancy way of saying that the information is vague to say the least:

L-Arginine – The featured ingredient! There have been scientific studies done on L-Arginine with positive results for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (ED) however these tests were done using 6 grams of L-Arginine combined with 6 grams of Yohimbine hydrochloride. Vydox only contains 600mg of L-Arginine and only 100mg of Yohimbine per serving which is far lower than the tests used.

Bioperine – Piperine/black pepper is thought to aid the absorption of the active ingredients

Yohimbine HCL – there are tests that show Yohimbine does improve erections however, on it’s own the amounts used in the test were 42.0 mg – Vydox only contains 100 mg! Can also cause rapid heart rate if too much is taken.

Epimedium leaf extract – also known as horny goat weed….”is purported to work by increasing levels of nitric oxide, which relax smooth muscle. It has been demonstrated to relax rabbit penile tissue by nitric oxide and PDE-5 activity. Other research has demonstrated that injections of Epimedium extract directly into the penis of the rat results in an increase in penile blood pressure.”

Saw Palmetto Berry – found to give a slight improvement in treating enlarged prostate but not conclusive.

Asian Red Ginseng – has shown positive results for treating ED

Muira Puama Bark Extract – thought to help with erectile dysfunction

Ginko Biloba leaf – may help with ED

Maniana – no evidence found

In summary:

The ingredients do stack up however the amounts (when they could be found) are simply not enough and far less than was used in the clinical trials.


Complaints About Vydox


Vydox offers a free trial bottle on their website. This is a re-bill scheme and it seems to be a big part of where Vydox has fallen down. Many men try these kind of products, find they don’t work and just chalk it up to experience. However, when you sign up for a free trial and believe you are only paying five bucks for the shipping only to find that your card has been billed with $89.95 then, understandably, tempers fray!

This appears to be what has happened with Vydox and here are some of the complaints I found:

“Vydox – Reported Damages:$89.99

Ordered a trial size and paid $4.99 for shipping and handling. Product received – no information contained in the box. Charge of $89.99 made to charge card on 2/2/13 with no prior approval. Calling credit card company to reverse charges. I have no intention of continuing product use.”


“Vydox – Reported Damages:$184.93

Ordered the trial of Vydox on 12/02/12. On 12/04/12 $4.95 was deducted for the trial. I received the trial package and on 12/19/12 my account was charged $89.99, unauthorized. I didn’t notice it right away and then I received another package and was again charged $89.99, also unauthorized. I returned both packages of the product by certified mail with a letter enclosed, reminding them of their “4.95 trial offer” and requested a refund. That was on 01/18/13.

On 01/28/13, I received the package back marked “refused” so I called them. I got a runaround excuse, was told I never signed up for the trial offer. I reminded them of their “money back guarantee” and they told me to fax them a copy of it. I’m going to do that but I don’t hold out much hope of recovering my money. “


“Vydoxtrial – Reported Damages:$93.00

Claimed they sent me product but never received it they are ripping people off beware of this company they need to be reported. Do not order this product they are very evil”



…….and the complaints keep rolling in!


I also found this about Frontline Mobility LLC who are the company behind Vydox on BBB.org


vydox frontline mobility



Vydox And Side Effects


I haven’t found too much about side effects as I think the vast amount of people having their credit cards billed apparently without their authorization has overshadowed the subject.

I did however find two reports that I found a bit disturbing:


#1 – this is a scam take two pills get sick and get charged 90 bucks a month

vydox free trial tried this product took two pills became sick from them.”


….and it got this reply


“Same thing happened to me very deceitful.Do not buy from this company pills sent me to Er blood pressure through the roof so 89.99 plus 4.95 and cost of emergency Room and cardiologist bill do not purchase. A scam” – James


[source] http://www.complaintslist.com/drugs-pharmaceuticals/vydox/


Emergency room?….cardiologist?

The product is supposed to give you bigger and harder erections not severe pounding in your chest!

Yohimbine can cause a racing heart beat if you have too much. It’s unlikely this would happen with Vydox as there really isn’t enough Yohimbine added. This person was either sensitive to that particular ingredient or maybe took more tablets than he should; no one knows for sure.




As a whole, the ingredients do stack up but the amounts are way off the mark. At best it is a very mild aid for the mildest cases of erectile dysfunction.  Don’t be fooled by the celebrity endorsements either – celebrities are easily bought at times and I’m sure that they may have received a credit for Vydox using them as ambassadors – reasonable assumption?

This is also a free trial product with a re-bill scheme attached. If there’s one piece of information that you can take from this post it’s to NEVER TOUCH RE-BILL SCHEMES!  More people get scammed by these than not. They’re renowned for being a devil to cancel and usually leave your credit card well and truly billed before you can stop them.

I have even heard of people reporting their card lost or stolen just so they get issued a new card and can stop the re-bills!

I also found no endorsements by real doctors about Vydox either. You can get products that are being used in hospitals and have the full backing of healthcare professionals.

Check out my review below!




Jed Dolby is an avid researcher on products aimed at men, in particular; male enhancement products. He has higher qualifications in nutrition, anatomy and physiology enabling him to analyze the efficacy and claims of popular products.

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